As a passionate marketer, your heart must beat for this summer of creativity and aspire to new discovery and inspiration. You must check out the CMS 2019 program. You will learn the latest content marketing trends and insights from expert speakers from major brands and agencies. You can’t miss this event!!


Content is everything!!

Content is King in the modern world of marketing.  Content is so crucial. Content evolves every day and you must be aware of new trends and ideas.  We will talk about ‘Content’,  this  one word but  hope you discover how a modern content marketing changes,  progress and evolves. We will show you how modern content marketing meets data and technology. You will be introduced to outstanding content marketers who will inspire you to bring your content to the next level.    

Different View, Different Idea

Marketing is dynamic and changing all the time.  Consumers do as well.  Content  is  also differs according to the purpose.  You constantly need new ideas and you need different approaches.  The speakers at this summit are content  innovators,  CMOs, artists, designers, field marketing team leaders and data scientists. You will have a great opportunity to  meet with them and see how they interpret and approach content  for the best results.  

Meet top tier marketers

You will get to hear various branding stories and marketing cases from top brands.  This year at CMS,  you will meet speakers from Starbucks, Paramount Pictures, DJI, Nestle, Merck, BBC and more. Please check out our full program. 

Fun & Fulfilled   

Content  needs to be fun and exciting for your customers. The etymology of content is ‘satisfaction’ and ‘fulfillment’.  You need to be refreshed this summer.  We prepared exciting events  and hope you  enjoy CMS  and feel fulfilled. 

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