We are living in the age of great content. To succeed in this abundance of content and hoping to catch the always shorter attention span of consumers, content marketers need to think, plan, and produce even more creative, entertaining, and mind-blowing content experiences than ever before.

While a product can be imitated and a process copied, it is much harder to imitate creative and authentic content. In the digital era, creativeness and great content will be a company’s greatest assets.

Prepared for marketers, content marketing professionals, advertisers, content creators, and executives, Content Marketing Summit aims at delivering the latest content marketing trends, content strategy, and practices, as well as the need for innovation.

At CMS, international and Korean content marketing experts and content creators come to share their insights and experience on a large range of topics for two days of fun, exchanges, and inspiration. See you there!

About the Organizer and Chief Programmer of CMS

Since 2016, DMK has thrived to become a leading global knowledge platform. DMK hosts highly influential knowledge conferences, including Digital Marketing Summit, Content Marketing Summit, B2B Forum, and AI Summit, and provides the latest digital knowledge to professionals and decision-makers in South Korea and abroad.

John Park is the CEO of DMK and founder of Content Marketing Summit Seoul. He is a seasoned marketer with experience ranging from marketing strategy to marketing execution. He worked in Samsung, LG, and SAP and has a wide network of global marketing experts which helped him found CMS and made this event an iconic event in Asia. He is also the author of several books and in-depth articles on marketing under the digital transformation wave. ​​

You can reach John at johnpark@digitalmarketingkorea.com or on Linkedin.