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Day 1  Speakers

Harnessing Creativity to Build Powerful Brand Stories “Lovable Brand + Lovable Content”

Dena Blevins, Creative Director
Former) Starbucks

Lessons I’ve Learned From Marvel and Disney

Henry Ong, Senior Global Marketing Manager


The Future of Storytelling is Vertical

Guan Hin Tay, Creative Change Catalyst, Founder/Global CCO

Nestle, APAC Global Advisory, TGH Collective

BMW: Love brand-Environment

Max Lederer, Managing Creative Director
Jung Von Matt

How my story based content works and make a business

Fraser Doherty, Founder 

E-mail marketing is dead? ‘Very Old, Very New’ 

Haseok Lee, CMO
You’ve Got Pictures

Doubling Brand Campaign Effect via Typobranding

K.S. Kwon, PV

Sandoll Communication

Demystifying the “New” : Content as a Path to New Market Expansion

David Benowitz, Head of Enterprise Marketing


Creative to make it a little easier than it is now

K. H. Jin, PD


Brand Strategy to enhance meaning: “Storytelling, Storydoing, Storymaking” that captivates consumers

S. W. Jo, Group Leader


I am the Media! Understanding Personal Media World and Marketing Insight

D.S. Ha, Journalist


On-Off Channel Integration of Content Marketing Strategy

J. H. Han, Managing Director

Lotte Mart

Day 2  Speakers

The Future of Immersive Content & Augmented Human

Ted Schilowitz, Futurist
Paramount Pictures

The Immersive Experience with 5G and AI

Frank Trevino, CMO & AI Strategist

Tinman Kinetics & Exodus Space Corporation

[The Second Story] Where does creative provocation come from?

H. J. Jang, Filmmaker & Author

WeChat from zero to One: Power of Network, Power of Social Content

Matthew Brennan, Co-Founder & Managing Director

China Channel

Forward momentum: How we are accelerating the Future of Display

Antonio Kim, VP


“Brand Purpose, don’t fake it”

Marco Versolato, CCO


Exploring the relationship between emotion and memory in branded content

Nicola Eliot, Regional Director


No Boundary: New Homework of Corporate PR and Our Attempts

S. J. Oh, PL

SK Innovation